IT AIN’T NECESSARILY SO (2020, 5,000 words)

Introduction to my book Parables of Freedom and Narrative Logics: Positions and Presuppositions in Science Fiction and Utopianism, ed. Eric D. Smith, 2 Vols., P. Lang, Oxford 2021.

Abstract: A somewhat autobiographically inclined introduction to a new book of articles and poems 1969-2001 is divided into: 1. How a Young Boy, Age 11 on, Fell in Love with Freedom (Axiology); 2. How a Young Man, Age 15 on, Fell in Love with the Narrative Logic and Transfer of Parable (Epistemology);3. On Some Positions and a New Presupposition of This Text – the need for a (libertarian) Communism 2.0.

Keywords: freedom, parable, communism,

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