Dear interested reader,

this blog is a novelty for a person in mid-80s rather far away from the “social media” because intent on preserving remaining time and energy for articulated and rounded-off writing of my own. I have however come around to the opinion I should have a way of presenting both a bit about myself and such works, whether single articles or book volumes, to people interested in the themes I deal with who would otherwise not have knowledge of or access to them.

Thus, it is structured into two parts:

1/First, to give the reader a fuller access to my life’s research, divided into five categories:

  5. SUNDRY (East Asia, Narrative Theory, Other)

A short description can be found above for each of these categories with a few examples following on this site. A full list of publications may be found in the drop-downs below “Publications”.

Of course, such categories are imperfect tools. Sometimes they overlap, and any general development in my views or my stance is perhaps better seen in a chronological overview – which is also present in the full curriculum vitae that can be found in a separate rubric here. Still, when accompanied by both this recourse and the middle ground of looking up on this site  representative selections of my writings divided into the above categories, it is the best I can do, and I hope it might be of use.

The articles on this website, as well as many further titles in all categories above,  can be downloaded in PDF form from the web link https://independent.academia.edu/DarkoSuvin/Papers .

I encourage those interested in the writings to write me about them after having read one or some. I shall attempt to answer the interesting messages – those that can help in clarifying to my correspondent and myself what I was trying to convey.
I shall not answer unargued praises or blames, nor matters that do not arise out of the writings.

2/ Second, the — let us call it — biographical part, consisting now of poems and photos.

·        Darko R. Suvin, born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, university teacher, literary and theatre  critic, poet and writer, studied at the Universities of Zagreb, Bristol (U.K.), the Sorbonne (France), and Yale before getting his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (drama) at U. of Zagreb.
·        He is Professor Emeritus at McGill University, a fellow of The Royal Society of Canada (Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences); Research associate, Dip. di anglistica, Univ. di Pisa, Italy; membro  del Collegio, Dottorato in Italianistica, Dipt. di l. e lett. moderne e comparate, Univ. Roma 2 ‑ Tor Vergata; member of P.E.N. Club italiano (Milano).
·        Address: Prof. D. Suvin, C. P. 36,  Uff. pt. Succ. 4 (S. Anna), Viale  Puccini 407, 55100 Lucca, ITALY
·        e-mail dsuvin@gmail.com

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3 Responses to Home

  1. Excellent article, i did read it twice so sorry for this, i’ve passed it on to my associates, so hopefully they should like it as


  2. Sylvia Kelso says:

    Good site, Darko. The layout is easy and the picture show is fascinating. SK


  3. juanitapat says:

    I ran across a 1990 article this morning: “Brecht’s Life of Galileo.” Then discovered your blog. I will be eager to read some of your Science Fiction commentary. Juanita Rice (CSUS emeritus).


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