Poetry & Short Prose


(pages of first edn;  most items after 1984 are available as computer file)




Poetry prizes in competitions: first prize of magazine Haiku Zasshi Zô (Dec. 1984), of Ursus Press New Poets 4 anthology (1985), of Ursus Press Jan. ’85 competition, and of WPBS Poetry (Ottawa) 1985; second prize of mag. Amelia for Oriental Forms (Oct. ’84) and of Ursus Press (Feb. ’85); prize for poetry manuscript by Culture Assn. of Federal Republic Croatia (Yugoslavia, Feb. ’86); several honorable mentions.

My complete library and biographical papers have been donated to the Università Statale di Milano and are being gradually transferred there. The 3 sections of Biographica, SF and Utopian Fiction, and Drama and Theatre will be housed at the archive Centro Apice, see centroapice.altervista.org/index.php/patrimonio/i-fondi-di apice/99.html); an internet catalogue is being compiled.   

Writings about DS’s poetry

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DS. “And Yet: Seesaws, Pivots, and Parentheses: Reflections on Two Voices of Translation Discourse à propos of Haiku of Issa.” Discours social/ Social Discourse 5.3‑4 (1993): 55‑79.

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Patrick Chura.  „Darko Suvin’s fiery poetry and ‘Insubordinate Essays’.“ People’s World June 30, 2022, https://peoplesworld.org/article/darko-suvins-fiery-poetry-and-insubordinate-essays/

I started writing poetry in Croatoserbian (in its variant of “Croatian literary language”) in 1951 and continued until roughly 1964, with a very few more at particular autobiographical occasions between 1974 and 1982. I wrote also in English (some fairly bad imitations of Shakespearian sonnets and other classical forms) during studies in the U.K. 1954/55, some during my studies in the USA 1964/65, but then no more until the mid-70s in Canada when I started dreaming in English. To differentiate the poems from my scholarly prose, they are usually signed with the full name of D(arko) R(onald) Suvin. A few poems insisted to be written first in one language and immediately thereafter in the other one. After my transfer to Europe in 2001, and especially after 2005, I again started writing poetry in Croatoserbian, but continued it also in English. 

The sections are divided for easier access into subsections by printing category, also by language, plus translations by and of DS. Within each subsection the order is chronological.  

This list subsumes „Bibliography B: Checklist of Printed Poetry and Non-Scholarly Prose” from my book Darko Suvin: A Life in Letters (2011).

A note on haiku: having read and studied all the Japanese ones I could find in translation or in transliteration, also their theory and phonetics, even written a long essay on translating one brief haiku (in my Lessons of Japan), I concluded—like many Japanese poets from Shiki on—that a number of orthodox rules from 17th Century on, including the use of the “season word,” were no longer needed in other languages and today. The units of haiku were not syllables but breath units; so after some years I shifted from 5+7+5 syllables to 2+3+2 stresses. (I’ve even tried my hand at a few haiku in Japanese, no doubt horrendous.) 



The Long March: Notes on the Way 1981-1984. Willowdale ON: Hounslow Press, 1987. x+106pp. ISBN 0-88882-091-7 [81 poems of the “Chinese phase”; include a no. printed in anthologies or magazines below 1981-87] 

Armirana Arkadija [An Armoured Arcadia]. Zagreb: Naprijed, 1990. 122pp. YU ISBN 86-349-0277-3 [37 poems, a selection of  about ¼ of those written 1952-64; 3 written occasionally 1974-82, and 1 redone from English 1989; many were printed earlier in various Zagreb and Beograd periodicals between 1960 and 1988]

–“Poems 1: At the Outset” [Willow, Willow; At the Ferry a Boat]; “Poems 2: Wanting” [Three Tankas of Want; A Holiday; O Karl 3]; “Poems 4: Adaptations, Disputations, Variations, Visitations, & Other Complimentary Thefts” [Prince Kasuga; Three Disputings; Voices of Necessity; Variations on Bunan; Remembering Komachi; On Reading Hyaku-nin-isshu; 3 Tankas from Japan; 28 Haiku on Japanese Themes; Adapting Saigyô]; “Poems 5: Visions Off Yamada”; “Poems 6: Mihatenu yume” [8 Haiku of ’85; Song of the Unfinished Dream]; “Poems 7: At the Ending” [A Tanka for Carolyn; “This hour this place”; “If it’s torn off”; Ichigo ichie; Enlightening]. Lessons of Japan. Montréal: CIADEST, 1996, 25-27, 62-63, 120-27,  172-76, 217-18, 239-40.

–“Three Poems in Time of Blights” [Imagine a Fish; Ein garstig Lied; Much Too Long]. For Lack of Knowledge: On the Epistemology of Politics as Salvation. Pullman WA: Working Papers  Series in Cultural Studies, Ethnicity, and Race Relations [No. 27, 2001], 5-6.

The following two entries in volumes by various hands I’d like to claim as a surrogate volume of my own, which it would have been had I found a publisher; the second follows chronologically on the first:

–“Parentheses: An (Auto)Biography Sparked by Verse.” Abiko Annual no. 24 (2004): 132-258. [a verse collection with comments; Japan]

–“Ex: Retrospective Poems… 2000-2005.” Abiko Annual no. 25 (2006): 223-45. [12 poems, often subdivided, most notably in the final long poem “Ode in the Guise of the Most Famous Poetess Psapfo…”; Japan]

–“Poems of Old Age 1999-2000.” Abiko Annual [Japan] no. 27 (2008): 270-301.

–“Ch. 4—Poems of Doubt and Hope 1983-1988” [Shipwreck in Pannonia; Jugendbewegung; Eighty-Foure Is Ycummen In; Rebellions; The Two Fishes; Parliament of Foules; A Letter to My Friend, Disenchanted after 1968; 3 Commentaries on The Way and the Power; After the Fall; Song of the Insufficiency of Human Endeavours in Late Capitalism and Early Socialism; One-Legged Life; Disputing Sôgyô; Visions Off Yamada]; “Ch. 7—The Doldrums: 8 Nasty Poems of 1989-1991”  [The Return of the Ancestors; Le Ceneri di Tito; Ein garstig Lied; Köln,  Am  Dom; Montréal 1994; Imagine a Fish; Old Age, Letting Go; Alas Indeed!]; “Ch. 14—7 Poems from the Utopian Hollow… 2000-2005” [I’m into Your World; “We Shall Behold”;  Ex: Fudô 2000; 3 Doctrines from Heine; In the Ruins of Leningrad; Reading The Secret Treasury (Hizôhôyaku); Aequinox]; “Ch. 17—5 Farewell Fantasies of 2006-2009” [A Martial Epigram on Martians; Cold Comfort; Pillaging the Gnostics; Haecceitas; Sonnet for Reinventing Tomorrow]. Defined by a Hollow. Oxford: P. Lang, 2010, 93-109, 157-67, 413-18, 503-08.

–“A Martial Epigram On Martians.” Socialism and Democracy no. 42 (Apr. 2011): sdonline.org/42/preface-6/


–“In Han-Shan’s Style.” Earthshine, Vol. 5, Poetry Press, Pittsburg TX 1983.

–“A Mediterranean Sonnet on Sexual Synthesis.” The American Poetry Anthology, Vol. 1.3-4, American Poetry Assn., Santa Cruz CA 1983.

–“By the Long March.” Journeys of the Poet/Prophet, New Worlds Unlimited, Saddle Brook NJ 1983.

–“To Her Hasty Lover.” Hearts on Fire, American Poetry Assn., Santa Cruz CA 1983.

–“Suddenly a whirl-” and “Once I was smooth jade.” Raindrops, Yes Press, Waynesboro TN 1985. [2 haiku]

–“Adieu au Voyage,” “Souveraineté-Association,” “Kamenìta vrata,” and “Ancient Airs and Canadian Cars.” WPBS Poetry pamphlet, Ottawa, Spring 1985. [some misprints]

–“Setsubun” and “The Scared.” Black on White 1985, Ursus Press, San Diego CA. [first prize and 2nd prize for the respective poems]

–“A Sprig For a Rose.” Our World’s Most Cherished Poems, World of Poetry Press 1985.

–“Kamenìta vrata.” Best International Poems, WPBS Poetry, Ottawa, Canada, 1986. [weird indentation]

–“Old and New Wisdom.” New Poets–Four, Ursus Press, San Diego CA 1986. [shares first prize]

–“Song of the Spinster,” “The Watch Given… ,” and “Yes, Tu Fu.”  Shorelines 1986, De Long & Assoc., Annapolis MD. [honorable mention for each of these three poems]

–“A Dialog by the Stream,” “Tanka in Discontent of Winter,” “The Dry Waterfall,” “Parliament of Foules,” and “On First Truly Reading Tu Fu’s Falcon Painting,” Black on White 1986, Ursus Press, San Diego CA. [honorable mention for the first four]

–“Four Tankas From Japan,” “Reading Wen Ting-yun… ,” and “Yes Shiki.” Plum Blossom, Stevan Publ, Austin TX 1987. [many misprints in the last]

–“On/To Shushi.” More Garden Varieties, League of Canadian Poets/ Aya Press, Toronto 1989.

–“Disputing Sôgyô.” Haiku zasshi  zô anthology 1989. [3 haiku]

–“Calm clouds uncoil,” “I am out of touch,” and “The days without you.” Four Seasons, Kô Poetry Assn., Nagoya (Japan) 1991. [haiku]

–“Poems of Old Age 1999-2000.” Abiko Annual [Japan] no. 27 (2008): 270-301.

–“From an Emigrant’s Diary: 1989-92” [The Return of the Ancestors; Cognitive Estrangement; From the Analects of Post-Modernism; Three More Haiku Allegories; Willow, Willow; Imagine a Fish; Alas indeed!; A Final Haiku]. IABLIS: Jahrbuch für europäische Prozesse. Heidelberg: Manutius V., 2002, 124-29.

–“Parentheses: An (Auto)biography Sparked by Verse.” Abiko Annual [Japan] no. 24 (2004): 132-258 [a verse collection with comments].

–Autobiography 2004: De Darci Natura.“ IABLIS: Jahrbuch für europäische Prozesse. Heidelberg: Manutius V., 2004, 261-65.


–“Kronika Kuzme Kozmografa” and “Uskočivši u isprepleteni život bilja” [both 1961]. Andromeda SF3. Beograd: BIGZ, 1978. [“SF poetry”; first poem disfigured by printing it as prose]

Three poems from The Long March  (“Meditativni sonet,” “Orijentirni sonet,” “Psihin sonet”) rptd. in S.  Mijović Kočan ed.,Skupljena baština: Suvremeno hrvatsko pjesništvo 1940-1990. Zagreb: Školske novine, 1993.


1.4. IN MAGAZINES IN ENGLISH (all are in USA or Canada unless identified otherwise)

–“The Sunflower of Sense.” Velocities (Spring 1983).

–“Hiroshige’s Iris Garden at Horikiri.” Amelia (Oct. 1984). [2nd Prize for Oriental Forms]

–“Souvenir d’Italie.” Wide Open (Dec. 1984).

–“Borrowed by the pond.” Haiku zasshi  zô (Dec. 1984). [haiku; first prize]

–“Eighty-Foure Is Y-cummen In.” Foundation no. 32 (1984). [London, UK]

–“On Hearing Love Is Over Between Us.” International Poetry Forum (Summer 1985).

— “If.”  Amelia (Oct. ’85). [tanka]

–” If I were the Moon.” Amelia (Oct. 1985). [haiku; published as postcard]

–“An Introduction to Li.” Wide Open (Dec. 1985).

–“Tu Fu, Thinking of Li Po in the Winter.” The Inkling Journal (Dec. 1985).

–“Sudden raindrops drum.” Haiku zasshi zô (Dec. 1985). [haiku]

–“A la recherche.” Frogpond (Feb. 1986). [sequence of 4 haiku]

–“Putting It Aright.” Cicada, A Supplement to Amelia (Spring 1986). [2 haiku]

–“Presupposed in Painting Bamboo.” Queens Quarterly (Autumn 1986).

–“The Two Fishes,” “Reflections Upon Eating a Ricotta Cake,” and “Face Hippocrates.”  Scrivener (Winter 1986). [McGill Univ. student periodical]

Eleven Visions of Mount Fuji. Cow in the Road (Winter/Spring 1987). [long poem]

–“how could we creatures” [later Virgilian Tanka]“. Poetry Nippon no. 77-78 (March 1987). [Japan]

— “A caterpillar,” “An old butterfly,” and “Two guests visit me.” 8.5 (1987). [haiku with facing Jap. translations; Nagoya, Japan]

–“unbelievably.” Frogpond 10.4 (Nov. 1987). [haiku]

–“a stag cries.” Amelia no. 10 (1987). [haiku; honourable mention]

–“Mutsûra” and “Late Than Never.” Discours social/ Social Discourse 1.3  (Winter 1988).

–“Unfair Universe” and “The Horns.” Poetry Nippon no. 83 (1988). [tankas; Japan]

–“I am out of touch,” “The days without you,” and “How can one fight this” [early versions]. (Autumn-Winter 1988). [three haiku; Japan]

–“Double Bind.” Queens Quarterly (Winter 1988).

–“Shipwreck in Pannonia.” Pig Iron no. 15 (1988).

–“Fugue and Variations on My Fifty-Something Birthday” and “Le Membre fantôme.” Dichtungsring no. 14-16 (1988-89). [Germany]

–“To the Lighthouse” and “Buddhist Lessons.” Poet’s Gallery no. 1 (1989).

–“Li Ching-zhao’s (Im)Mortality.” in Poetic Liberty 2.2 (Spring 1989).

–“calm clouds uncoil” [later title Enlightening]. (Spring-Summer 1989). [haiku; Japan]

–“Remembering Komachi” [haiku] and “The Wind” [tanka]. Poetry Nippon no. 87 (1989). [Japan]

–“One-Legged Life.” Matrix (Spring 1989).

–“romantic nature” [later title Missing] and  “In the Style of Bashô‘s School.” (Autumn-Winter 1989). [2 haiku; Japan]

–“Three Poems Doubting Mikhail Mikhailovich Sensei (or do they?)” (The Return of the Ancestors, Fall Pastoral, and From the Analects of Post-Modernism). Social Discourse/ Discours social 3.1-2 (1990); also in //discoverarchive.vanderbilt.edu/bitstream/handle/1803/142/suvinthreedsv3n1-2.pdf?sequence=1

–“A Broken Poem for Akiko-san.” Abiko Quarterly Rag 2.1-2 (1990). [Japan]

–“Köln, am Dom” [in English]. Dichtungsring no. 19 (1990). [Germany]

–“Two Poems” (On N’s Portrait by M. Stančić; Cognitive Estrangement). Printed Matter (Spring 1991). [Japan]

–“Porphyry’s Tree,” “Here-Words Not-Here Things,” and “From a Chinese Drawing.” Poet’s Gallery 2.2 (1991).

–“Marching through the BB Mountain Range” and “An Obituary to One Self.” The Brecht Yearbook 20 (1995).

–[Roland Wyser.] Kamikaze Eros: An Inter-cultural Mini-epic in Quasi-hexameters. Abiko Quarterly (Fall-Winter 1996): 124-54.

–„Garstige Lieder über Jugoslawien“ (Growing Old without Yugoslavia; Bear City Sonnet; Summer, on a Hill [early version]. Dichtungsring no. 23 (1995). [Germany]

–“this fireproof door.” (Autumn-Winter 1998). [haiku; Japan]

–„The Taboo“ and „Imagine a Fish.“ Femspec 1.1 (1999).

–“4 Variations on Heine, for YK.” The Abiko Annual no. 21 (2001). [Japan]

–“Tankas 1986-1992.” The Abiko Annual no. 22 (2002). [27 tankas; Japan]

–“Last Haiku 1991-97.” (Three Goodbye Haiku; Three Haiku on Hatsumi-sama; Three Haiku, April ’91; “smoothing out the moonlight”; 4 Haiku From Heian Tankas; 5 Haiku on Man’yôshû Themes; Doubting Ssu-ma Chien [2 haiku]; Three Haiku of 1993 [“Hakone mountains”; “unbelievably”; “In my dream i find again”]; My Short 20th Century: Rômusha haiku from Ozland [14 haiku]).The Abiko Annual no. 22 (2002). [38 haiku; Japan]

–“Poems On/From/Sparked by Japan”  (Second Tsukuda[-]jima Poem; A Broken Japanese Poem for Akiko-san; 3 Tankas from Japan).The Abiko Annual no. 23 (2003). [Japan]

–“Rome 2004.” Dichtungsring no. 33 (2004). [Germany; see also 1.7]

–“Poems of Old Age, 1999-2000” (Poetry Is; I’m into Your World; “We shall behold”; “Come back, come back, beautiful instant”; Ex: Fudô 2000; Three Ditties out of Nash from Heine; 13 Departures from Heine; Zum Geleit; Die Verwandlung, 1990s; You, Giacomo Leopardi).  The Abiko Annual no. 27 (2005). [Japan]

–“A Martial Epigram on Martians.” Socialism & Democracy 20.3 (2006): ?



–“Novela od Darka.” Književnik no. 11 (1960).

–“Sezonska pjesma iz daleka.” Književnik no. 20 (1961).

–“Lunička vilanela na 29. rođendan.” Književne novine  [Beograd] (1962?).

–“Jesenska pastorala.” Telegram 14/9/1962.

–“Nokturno na zimski solsticij 1959,” “Ballatetta o mijeni mikrokozama,” and “Spoznaja posljednja.” Danas [Beograd] no. 2 (1962).

–“Uskočivši u isprepleteni život bilja” and “Tri soneta na barokne teme [Duhovni sonet, Sonet preuzvišenim očima, Smrtni sonet].” Telegram 20/9/1963.

–“Spoznaje Arkadije” [full]. Književnost no. 8 (1970)

-Savremenik or Književnost 1974/75?

–“Psihin sonnet,” “Lacrimae rerum,” and “Cijele noći prolazile su ptice.” Delo  [Beograd] no. 10 (1974).

–“Pet pjesama” (U kozmičkom brodu; Posljednja želja i oporuka; Na papirnatom zmaju; Vinobojno more; Truda, Trude, Trudi, Trudu, o Trudo, s Trudom). Forum no. 4-6 (1983).

–“Pet pjesama” (Porinuti sonet; Zimska priča o Evropi; Preko mučnih kamenih gora leži kraljevstvo; Pjesma blazirane djevojke; Orijentirni sonet). Republika no. 6 (1984).

–“Homer, Nauzikaja”; “Stabljika cvijeta”; “Osvajanje grada”; “Kronika Kuzme kozmografa”;  “posljednja želja i oporuka”; “Na papirnatom zmaju”; “Vinobojno more”; “To zlatno staro vrijem”; “Mandarinu Vej Čiju”; “Balada o emigriralom intelektualcu”. Republika no. 1-2 (1988).

–“Osjet smislom putuje k istini” (Zamisli ribu; Vidjet ćemo; Vrati se, vrati, prekrasni trenu; Pisar ima viziju; Rim 2004). Poezija 3.3-4 (2007). [see 1.7]

–“7 pjesama, 1985-2008” (Zamisli ribu; Pejzaž sa bogovima i totentancom;  Čitajući  Lukanovu “Pharsaliju”; Tri tangente od Heinea; Pisar ima viziju; Varijacija na Villona; Senryû). Književna republika no. 1-3 (2009). [see also 1.7.]

Za Zagrebom: Bilješke iz dnevnika 1966. i 1985-2009. (Ovaj planet U.S.A.; Kokoro aru; Uz fotografiju nadgrobne ploče s novododanim imenom mog oca; “Dani – godine – dekade”; Ivane, volio bih…; Partizanskim borcima, 1941-45; Čitajući pjesnike epohe Sung; Sonet o ponovnom otkriću sutrašnjice; “Plači Zagrebe…”; Magnarum rerum parva sepulcra; Juvenal mlađi: satirice, destilat od tatice; Narodna godine gospodnje 2009; Dvije pjesme zbog Johna Bergera; Iz 11 vizija planina Fuji…: 10. Skladište drva pod vedrim nebom u Edu). Mali zarez, supplement to Zarez (Zagreb) no. 260, 25/6/2009. [for no. 3, 8, and 14, see also 1.6. Translations]

Političke pjesni za Zagrebom (Parabola Prosvijetljenoga o otrovnoj strijeli; Prelazeći na lijevo; Odgovor divljeg zmaja; U ledeno doba; Pejzaž sa bogovima i totentancom; Zamisli ribu; Čitajući Lukanovu “Pharsaliju”; PArtizanskim borcima, 1941-45.; Doktrina; Magnarum rerum parva sepulcra; Dvije pjesme zbog Johna Bergera; Juvenal Mlađi, “Satirice, destilat od tatice”; pjesmu br . 6 preveli Sanja Lovrenčić i DS). Novi Plamen no. 17 (2012): 240-43.

Političkoepistemološke pjesni za Beogradom (Dvije ribe; U dolini Neander; Slušajući Saigya; Pisareva vizija; Ivane, volio bih…; Čitajući pjesnike epohe Sung; [8 pjesama] Iz “27 varijacija na V.A.”; Upisivanja, grobovi: moj Beograd 2012.; pjesmu br . 4 preveli Sanja Lovrenčić i DS). Novi Plamen no. 18-19 (2013): 334-37.

Iz prevodiočeve mladenačke bilježnice, 1950-55. Gordogan no. 27-28 (2012-13): (forthcoming) [14 youthful translations from various languages, ranging from medieval English to Spanish]

–“Upisivanja: Beograd 2012.” Književna republika no. 4-6 (2013): 133-35.

Novi Plamen no. 18-19 (2013):


Records are sketchy and incomplete.

1.61. Into Croatoserbian

Translations from various languages in DS. Od Lukijana do Lunjika [From Lucian to the Lunik], historical survey and anthology of SF. Zagreb: Epoha, 1965: Lucian, True Stories; Giordano Bruno (attributed to), “Poi chè ho spiegato le ali,” sonnet;  Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis; fragments from Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward, and William Morris, News from Nowhere; SF stories by Chad Oliver, R. Sheckley, B.W. Aldiss, F. Brown, J. Christopher, Wallace West [some in collaboration].

Translations from English include

–“Na sudu” [In the Court, a fragment from Ben Jonson’s Volpone]. Vidici [Sl. Brod] no. 4-5 (1953); the whole play was translated by me for the director Tito Strozzi who staged it in the Komedija theatre, Zagreb, 1953 [in prose, the Politic Would-be subplot largely suppressed]

–Poems by Louis MacNeice. Krugovi,  mid 1950s

–Three poems by Walt Whitman in the late 1950s, publication unknown.

–John Wyndham. Day of the Triffids, SF novel; as Dan obračuna. Zagreb: Lykos, 1961.

–“Beowulf.” Republika no. 12 (1961); rpt. in 100 najvećih djela svjetske književnosti. Ed. A. Šoljan. Zagreb: Stvarnost, 1962; also inČitanka iz stranih književnosti I. Ed. N. Košutić-Brozović. Zagreb: Školska knjiga, 2nd edn. 1971, 14th edn. 1987 [from the Anglo-Saxon, two long fragments in alliterative verse]

–Wystan Hugh Auden. “Šest pjesama” [6 poems]. Zadarska revija no. 3 (1962).

–Lawrence Ferlinghetti. “Približni opis večere u čast zamisli o suđenju Predsjedniku Eisenhoweru.” Danas [Beograd] 9/5/1962, p. 8 {transl. of “An Approximate Account of Dinner in Honour of… Impeaching Pres. Eisenhower” (1958), original poem title reconstructed from memory].

–(with Truda Suvin). John Christopher. “Čovjek sudbine” [The Man of Destiny]. Telegram 19/10/1962. [SF short story]

–Algernon Swinburne. “Dva zbora iz Atalante u Kalidonu” [Two Choruses from Atalanta in Calydon]. Riječka revija no. 3 (1964).

–(with Truda Suvin) James Blish. The Seedling Stars; as Zvezdane spore. Beograd: Jugoslavija, 1967; rptd. Beograd: Kentaur, 1978. [SF novel]


Translations from German include

Works by Bertolt Brecht, in DS, Uvod u Brechta (An Introduction to B). Zagreb: Školska knjiga, 1970: 48 poems, Das Leben des Galilei (play, with S. Goldstein, performed in Zagreb in 1969), Der Jasager und der Neinsager (plays, also performed in Zagreb in the 70s), Kleines Organon (essay).

Essays, and some poems, on theatre by Bertolt Brecht: in DS ed., Dijalektika u teatru. Beograd: Nolit, 1966.

Peter Weiss. Marat/Sade, play;  performed in Split [in verse], ca. 1966 or later.

Translations from French include:

–Sartre u Zagrebu” [Sartre in Z]. Telegram of 21/5/1960, p. 5 [text of interview transl. and ed. by DS]


1.62. Into English:

Translations from Croatoserbian

–“Miroslav Krleža: A Song of the Gallows-bird,” in Janko Lavrin ed., An Anthology of Modern Yugoslav Poetry. London: Calder, [1962?]. [In the early 1960s, I also translated into English poems from the two major Croatian poets before and after WW2, five from Krleža and ten from Jure Kaštelan; unpublished] 

Translations from Japanese  includes:

–[Three haiku: one  by Kyôrai and 2 by Bashô]. Haiku zasshi zô (June 1985). [Japan]

–Kyôrai. “Bare rock, high top.”  Mainichi Daily News 8/9/1985. [Japan]

Translating the Haiku Classics (12 haiku: 2 by Buson, 5 by Onitsura, 2 by Issa, 3 by Shiki). (Autumn-Winter 1988). [Japan]

–“Poems 3: Haiku More or Less Freely from Issa” [13 haiku], in DS, Lessons of Japan. Montréal: CIADEST, 1996, 91-92.



Into Japanese: 3 haiku in magazine 1987 (see 1.4 above)

Into German:  –“Der Notstand.” Transl. Truda Suvin. Dichtungsring no. 19 (1990). [Germany]

–“Geislinger Friedhof.” Transl. Gerd Willée. Dichtungsring no. 21 (1992).

–“Andromeda.“ Transl. Renate Solbach. Zeno no. 21 (1999).

–“Rom 2004” [unauthorized]. Transl. Gerd Willée. Dichtungsring no. 33 (2004).

Into Croatian:  –“Osjet smislom putuje k istini” (Zamisli ribu; Vidjet ćemo; Vrati se, vrati, prekrasni trenu; Pisar ima viziju; Rim 2004). Transl. Sanja Lovrenčić [and DS]. Poezija 3.3-4 (2007). [see 1.7]

–“Zamisli ribu”; “Tri tangente od Heinea”; “Pisar ima viziju.” Transl. Sanja Lovrenčić [and DS]. Književna republika no. 1-3 (2009).

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I started writing imaginative and/or meditative prose rather late, in Canada in the 80s. They are here divided into memoirs, parables, and everything else (other).



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2.3. OTHER

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„The Winter of the World.“ www.themontrealreview.com/2009/In-Leviathan-Belly.php [Introduction to my book In Leviathan’s Belly]

    For interviews and lectures, see “1  publ. no SF”