MY BRECHT: A LOOK FROM 2016 (7,000 words)

Communications of Int’l Brecht Soc. online edition no. 1, 2017.

This overview of DS’s work on Brecht (further BB) was written as Introduction to a collection of my essays translated into Slovene and published in Ljubljana 2016 as Brecht’s Creativity and the Horizon of Communism. Section 1 introduces my stance on BB; section 2, the SFR Yugoslavia milieu for introducing Brecht there in the 1950s and right up to the late 60s, which was on the one hand open to all kinds of neo-Marxism but on the other hand marked by absolute predominance of individualist psychology in theatre, with indifference to or hatred of BB.
Section 3 speaks to how I met BB’s work: through European student theatre, in which I was actively engaged, and where BB was (e.g. in West Germany and France) well known. To my mind, his horizon was identical to the furthest plebeian horizons of the Yugoslav revolution – though not of its dominant inherited forms. Section 4 discusses which essays by DS are inside and outside this book: a couple of longer ones were left out because of space constraints. Section 5 ends with what can Brecht tell the readers for their future, particularly about plebeian and emancipatory communism.

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