SF & Utopianism

SF/UTOPIA(NISM)      (4-2017)

 SELECT LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 2016 (pages of first edn.)

Most articles after 1984 are available as computer file. Details of translations of items below into other languages are noted in my c.v. (see https://darkosuvin.com/)


Od Lukijana do Lunjika (From Lucian to the Lunik), historical survey and anthology of science fic­tion. Zagreb: Epoha, 1965. 566p.

Russian Science Fiction 1956‑1974: A Bibliography. Elizabethtown NY: Dragon P, 1976. viii+73p.

Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and History of a Literary Genre. New Haven & Lon­don: Yale UP, 1979.  xviii+317p. (also French version 1977; German 1979; Spanish 1984 and 1987; Italian 1985; Japanes1991; Croatian 2010; Chinese 2011).

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Naučna fantastika, spoznaja, sloboda [Science Fiction, Cognition, Freedom]. Beograd: SlovoSlavia, 2009. Ed. Dejan Ajdačić. 395pp. ISBN 978-86-87801-00-6.

Defined by a Hollow: Essays on Utopia, Science Fiction, and Political Epistemology. Oxford: P. Lang, 2010. xxxiii + 582pp. ISBN 978-3-03911-403-0.

[IN PART:] Darko Suvin: A Life in Letters. Ed. Ph.E. Wegner. Vashon Island WA 98070: Paradoxa, 2011.  366p.  ISBN 1-929512-34-8.

Preživjeti potop – Fantasy, po-robljenje i granična spoznaja [Surviving the Flood: Fantasy, Commodification, and Liminal Cognition]. Transl. A. Žiljak. Zagreb: Mentor/UBIQ, 2012. 132pp. ISBN 978-953-7113-84-1.

Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and History of a Literary Genre (Ralahine Classic) [augmented edn.]. Ed. Gerry Canavan. Oxford: P. Lang, 2016, L+465 pages. ISBN 978-3-0343-1948-5 softc., 978-3-0353-0735-1 e-book. [ = 1979 v. with 7 new items, i.e. 3 items added and 4 new prefaces to the old text and the additions]  


Other Worlds, Other Seas: Science Fiction Stories From Socialist Countries‑‑selected and edited with Preface and notes. New York: Random House, 1970. xxxiii+217p; and New York; Berkeley, 1972; and München 1972 and 1975; and Paris 1973; and Holland, 1976; and Tokyo, 1976 [there seems to be a Spanish edn. 1981, about which I know nothing] .

Coeditor (with R.D. Mullen) of Science‑Fiction Studies: Selected Articles on Science Fiction 1973‑1975. Boston: G.K. Hall/ Gregg P, 1976. 304p. (includes an introduction, 4 essays, and 3 notes by me); the essay on Le Guin also published in German, the one on Dick reprinted in a US and translated in a Japa­nese anthology, also transl. into Italian).

Principal editor of H.G. Wells and Modern Science Fiction, a book of essays by various hands. Lewis­burg PA & London: Associated U Presses, 1977. 279p. (includes my Introduction and one essay by me).

Coeditor (with R.D. Mullen) of Science‑Fiction Studies, Second Series:  Selected Articles on Science Fiction  1976‑1977. Boston: G.K. Hall/ Gregg P, 1978. 335p. (includes two essays by me).

Guest editor, Književna smotra no. 46 (1982), special issue on science fiction, 93p. large size (12 essays ‑‑ including one essay, the introduction, and a bibliography by me).

Guest editor, Canadian‑American Slavic Studies 18, no. 1‑2 (1984), special issue on science fiction, 152p. (12 essays, includes an introduction by me).

Guest editor, Chung‑Wai Lit. Monthly (Taipei), special issue on science fiction 22.12 (May 1994): 6‑217 (with my Introduction and 14 essays, of which two mine).

Co-editor (with G. Maniscalco Basile) of Nuovissime mappe dell’inferno: Distopia oggi. Roma: Monolite Ed., 2004. 167p. ISBN 88‑7331-014-1 (10 contributions, including a preface, postface, and  an essay by me).

Guest editor of annual Fictions (Rome) no. 3, special issue on US Science Fiction and War/ Militarism.  Pisa & Roma: IEPI, 2005. 166p. ISBN 88‑8147‑398‑4 (10 contributions, including 2 bibliographies, a preface and an overview essay by me).

IN BOOKS BY VARIOUS HANDS (select list after 1980 of items not reprinted in my books; for more items about SF and/or utopia see “Darko Suvin: A Checklist…” in P. Parrinder ed., Learning  from  Other World: Estrangement,  Cognition and  the Politics  of  Science  Fiction and Utopia, Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2000, & Durham: Duke UP, 2001; and an update to it up to 2011 as “Bibliography A,” in Darko Suvin: A Life in Letters, above, 341-53)

“On Gibson and Cyberpunk SF,” in Larry McCaffery ed., Storming the Reality Studio. Durham: Duke UP, 1991, 349‑65 (also published in Foundation no. 46 [1989]: 40‑51, in Japanese,  Italian, German, and in Croatia).

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“Darko Suvin: A Checklist of Printed Items that Concern Science Fiction,” in P. Parrinder ed., Learning  from  Other Worlds: Es­trangement,  Cognition  and  the Politics  of  Science  Fiction and Utopia. Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2000, and Durham NC: Duke UP, 2001, 272-90.

“Science Fiction Parables of Mutation and Cloning as/and Cognition” in D. Pastourmatzi ed.  Biotechnological and Medical Themes in Science Fiction. Thessaloniki: University Studio, 2002, 131-51 (a portion as “Cloning: On Cognition in the Discourses of SF and Technoscience.” Femspec 3.2 [2002]: 67-74; Croatian transl. 2004).

“Reflections on What Remains of Zamyatin’s We after the Change of Leviathans: Must Collectivism Be Against People?” in Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium. Ed. M. Barr. Middletown: Wesleyan UP, 2003, 51-81; augmented rpt. Contemporanea no. 1 (2003): 71-89 (German 2004; Croatian 2004; Serbian 2007).

“Trenta Tesi sulla Distopia” and “Narciso e Anteo: il collettivismo deve per forza essere contro la gente?” in G. Maniscalco Basile and D. Suvin eds., Nuovissime mappe dell’inferno: Distopia oggi. Roma: Monolite Ed., 2004, 13-34 and 149-64.

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(with S. Proietti) “War and Militarism in Science Fiction: A Select Bibliography of Criticism in English,” in D. Suvin ed., Fictions no. 3 (see above), 155-63.

(with questions by Van Ikin, Russell Blackford and Sylvia Kelso). “A Colloquium with Darko Suvin,” in D. Broderick and V. Ikin eds., Warriors of the Tao. S.l.: Borgo P, 2011, 243-87 [rpt from Science Fiction 16.1 (2001): 2-33].

„The Winter of the World“ [Introduction to my book In Leviathan’s Belly]. www.themontrealreview.com/2009/In-Leviathan-Belly.php

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(select list, mainly after 1980, in major languages only — and after 2002 also in Croatoserbian); a full list of writings up to 1998 about SF, utopia, and cognate matters can be found as “Darko Suvin: A Checklist…” listed above, and an update to it up to 2011 as “Bibliography A,” in Darko Suvin: A Life in Letters, 341-53)

Many items below can be downloaded from  https://independent.academia.edu/DarkoSuvin/Papers or https://darkosuvin.com/; those after ca. 1983 not found can be obtained from the author by email upon asking.

“Goodbye to Extrapolation.” Science-Fiction Studies 22.2 (1995): 301.

[“Some Notes & Memories on Dale Mullen’s Maieutics.”] Science‑Fiction Studies no. 76 (1998): 404‑08.

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“Answers to Questionnaire for New York Public Library Utopia Exhibition Website.” http://utopia.nypl.org/I_meta_3.html [2000 on] (augmented Greek transl. 2002).

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Ciccarelli, Roberto. “Gli esploratori del pianeta utopia.”  Il Manifesto 29/5/2011, p. 10. [Interview with DS], available at materialismostorico.blogspot.com/2011/05/darko-suvin-tra-fantascienza-e.html

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Interview with Andres Lomeña on Metamorphoses of Science Fiction www.sociodicea.es/?p=79 or Archives — March 2011; Extrapolation 53.2 (2012): 241-43.

An Interview with Darko Suvin – Andrés Lomeña -Extrapolation, vol. 53, no. 2 (2012)

“Postscript (2014)” [to reprint of „Estrangement and Cognition“]. //strangehorizons.com/2014/20141124/1suvin-a.shtml

A Note on Ursula K. Le Guin and Her Declaration of the Arts’ Independence from Capitalism” [intro to her speech at Nat. Book Awards 2014]. Kamen’ no.  28 (2016): 99-102 (Italian transl. E. Stacchiotti Binni ibidem 103-07; Croatian transl. T. Paić-Vukić, Gordogan no. 29-30 [2015]: 229-30).