Brecht and Drama / Theatre



Most articles after 1984 are available as computer file. Details of translations of items below into other languages are noted in my c.v. (see


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IN BOOKS BY VARIOUS HANDS (select list after 1980)

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„Emotion, Brecht, Empathy vs.  Sympathy“, The Brecht Yearbook 33 (2008): 53–67 (rpt. in Frakcija no. 58-59 [2011]: 27-39; Croatian transl. ibidem).  


(select list, mainly after 1980, in major languages only — and after 2002 also in Croatoserbian)
Many items below can be downloaded from or; those after ca. 1984 not found can be obtained from the author by email upon asking.

“The Mirror and the Dynamo,” in Erika Munk ed., Brecht.  New York: Bantam, 1972, 80-98    (orig. in The Drama R.12.1 [1967]).

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“On Dramaturgic Agents and Krleža’s Agential Structure.” Modern Drama 27 (1984): 80‑97.

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Nô‑Theater” (review). Monumenta Nipponica 46.1 (1991): 133‑36.

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